Grand Polycoats will be present at India’s largest Electrical Expo that is happening in our home city. We look forward to seeing you there!


Visit Us @ Switch Global Expo:

Pavilion 1

Stall No: 272, 273, 276 & 277

FROM Oct. 6th to 10th, 2016 IN VADODARA, GUJARAT

Sector we cater to in Electric & Power Industries.

  • Transformers Tanks & Radiators:
    Special paint system based upon polyurethane & epoxy for transformer, core & its tanks for exterior & interior for hot oil resistance and radiators confirming to ISO 12944 tested at UDCT, ISTAR & ERDA. Products based upon flow coat application also available.
  • Wind Mills:
    Antifungal & Antibacterial grade paint system confirming to ISO 12944 C5M conditions for towers and Polyurethane
    for Nacelle, Blade and other FRP Composite.
  • Boilers & Chillers:
    Special fast recoatable high gloss polyurethane & epoxy based system for chillers and monocoats products for
  • Generators & Alternators:
    A fast drying range of products for this industrial & a monocoat solution for the frames.
  • Electrical Panel & Switch Gear:
    Wide variety of shades as per industry standard available with brilliant white shade for interior.

Exclusive Product

High build two component air drying epoxy based coating, recommended as
insulation coating for electrical components and accessories:

Product GP Electro Guard 281 GP Electro Guard 281 HVDV
BDV Resistance 3 KV 15 KV
Advantage Fire retardant as per UL94V0
DFT Applied 120 180 microns 2500 microns