Aesthetically appealing. Corrosion protection.

Preferred suppliers to many agriculture equipment OEMs in India, GP has robust products that not only provide the necessary protection against abrasive field conditions but also improve the aesthetic appeal of your equipment. GP offers the entire gamete of products for the protection of all parts.

Stone Chip Resistance:

Products designed to pass the harsh conditions of the agriculture sector, GP products pass the stone chip resistance test as per SAEJ 400 standard.

Product Design:

2 coat systems are designed to provide excellent adhesion over substrate as per market practices. Resistance to corrosion, humidity and soil, coupled with excellent color and gloss retention, these are the pillars for product design in this segment.

Customized to your line:

Tailor made solutions to solve your problem, our team of technical sales and service personnel are there to help recommend the right product for your application. GP has a versatile range of products that can be suggested after close examination by GP’s team to suit your exact line requirement.