GP manufactures coatings to meet specific requirements. We understand & appreciate customers demands & designs customized coat for specialty machines

Coatings designed to meet specific requirements by the customer; GP understands and appreciates customer’s demand. Systems for industries such as printing, packaging, stone cutting and plastic extrusion are some of GP’s regular product portfolio. GP also designs tailor-made paint & coatings for speciality machines to suit your needs.

Small Quantity, No Problem:

GP understands requirements are not always large. Bearing this in mind, GP pays special attention to serve smaller requirements with minimum lead times. GP understands the importance of your requirements and believes in cartering to all, regardless of the quantities.

Heavy Metal Free:

Paint and coatings free of heavy metals such as lead, chrome, zinc and others are also available for specialist applications for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


One of GP’s innovative developments included the development of an anti fungal/anti bacterial paint used specifically in locations to prevent the development of fungi and bacteria. A very specific requirement, GP partnered with its customer to develop a coating solution for this particular requirement. A team of GP’s personnel carefully studied the problem and developed a solution that was highly appreciated by the customer. GP believes in customer service and is ready to work with its customers to develop specific solutions to their needs.