Grand Polycoats manufactures paints and coatings for pumps, motors & valves. We offer smart coatings that are water, chemical & abrasion resistant.

With over 20 years of experience, GP is a leader in the PMV segment. Weathering conditions of underground and overground PMV have been the pivots for product development. GP offers smart paint and coatings to ensure water, chemical, and abrasion resistance for long periods of time.


At the forefront of technology, GP has developed specialized paint and coatings for the Pumps, motors & valves industry including dipping products attaining DFT as high as 100 microns. One of the many GP products at the forefront of technology, GP EAD 1K has helped increase productivity multifolds.

GP Blue:

Dominating this segment is GP’s very own, in-house developed shade, GP Blue. Benchmarked by many, GP is proud to have its product associated with leading manufacturers of this industry.

Water, Chemicals and Solvents:

Variety of product combinations including epoxies and polyurethanes are offered for handling chemicals, potable water and a range of petroleum products. Projects can also be undertaken for development of products for specific customer needs.