Grand Polycoats manufactures Paint & Coatings for Process Industry like coatings for the Oil and Gas industry and Epoxy Novolac Systems for corrosive areas

One of the pioneers of this segment, GP has an extremely strong product line of paint and coatings for the process industry. With over 30 years of experience, our products are proven and tested in the most corrosive environment. Registered with major project consultants, GP holds necessary product approvals.

Oil & Gas:

GP has a range of products for various applications in the oil and gas industry. Products are made to withstand corrosion from liquids and gases. Keeping up with the industry trends, solvent free coating systems and functional systems for internal tank coatings and internal pipeline coatings are also part of the portfolio.


GP HISOLS is an excellent coating for the process industry segment that provides the highest level of precaution against fires caused due to static charge build-up. Specially designed to dissipate static charge build-up due to liquid movement, this is an excellent product for fuel storage systems.

GP Night Glow:

GP Night Glow is a unique product that has photoluminiscent qualities on application and stands out far advantageous, against standard sticker patterns.

Novolac Systems:

Epoxy Novolac systems for high corrosive areas and aggresive chemical storage tanks offering excellent long term durability. Novalac systems also available as solvent less, which ensures defect free surface and long term protection.