Grand Polycoats is an expert manufacturer of Concrete Floor Paints & Coatings.Epoxy and Polyurethane make up for our product portfolio in this segment.

An expert in floor coatings for a range of usages, GP not only has the correct product knowledge but also possesses application knowledge due to its experienced team. Hardener technology playing a key role in providing the correct balance between aesthetics and resistance properties, GP’s portfolio includes world-class civil engineering products.

Product Portfolio:

Floor coating systems comprising penetrating primer, self-leveling screed, and self-leveling topcoat. Paints and Coating for various kinds of floors depending upon the exposure level, type of industry, and load movement, can be offered for long term protection of the floor.

Catering all requirements:

Epoxy and Polyurethane products generally make up the portfolio in this segment. Products can also be designed with additional features such as antistatic property, amongst others, depending on customer requirements.