Grand Polycoats manufactures Automotive Paints under the brand Veturi, in India.OUr paints provide high gloss retention, UV stability and durability.

Grand Polycoats has adopted procedures such as AQPQ, PPAP, IMDS that are in line with automotive requirements to cater to the growing auto sector in India. Product applications spanning from exterior coating systems for bus bodies to in-mold coatings for steering wheels and horn pad, GP has a highly extensive product collection of paint and coatings for automotive sector. Products have been tested for high gloss retention, UV stability, and high abrasion resistance.

No Stoppage on Customer Line:

Consistency in quality is one of GP’s core strengths. GP, one of the best automotive paint manufacturers in India, is able to reproduce products on a consistent basis to ensure no stoppage on our customer’s production lines

Improved Productivity:

GP works in tandem with customer needs to enhance efficiency and levels of productivity, recently through introducing a line of quick drying primers and topcoats for low bake applications.

Bus Bodies:

Having developed a complete system for bus bodies, GP has very unique solutions for the bus body segment that not only improve productivity but are also environmentally friendly.

Variety of Substrates:

GP’s range of products covers a wide range of products that include a variety of substrates ranging from metals to plastics. As a leading automotive paint manufacturer,our forte here is not only product performance, but also shade matching through our extremely skilled in house team of color matchers.