Grand Polycoats and Intermat Defense, Greece, have come together to serve the Indian Defence Sector with unmatched and unique technology products. We provide anti-detection and anti-targeting coatings that offer multi-spectral responses to Near IR, Mid-IR, and Far-IR spectrum ranges.

These coatings come with the following properties:

1. They help in breaking the lock-on by enemy heat-seeking missiles.
2. Conceal the heat emitted from the asset and deceive IR/EO sensors
3. Drastically reduce the probability of kill by 90%.

We also provide chameleon-skin, a visually camouflaging system that is made of high-spec, durable and lightweight materials. These skins also provide anti thermal properties and also come as decals that can easily be applied and removed from the equipment and vehicles.

All our coatings are approved by NATO & NATO Support and Procurement Agency. We are also an officially approved vendor of the US Army.