• Due to higher potential of zinc metal in galvanic series compared to iron, zinc acts as an anode and protects iron cathodically.
  • Zinc rich coatings can be offered in 2 variants: using an organic or an inorganic binder.
  • Zinc rich epoxy coatings provide excellent cathode as well as barrier protection properties.
  • Inorganic zinc silicate can be made using sodium silicate, potassium silicate and ethyl silicate binder. They give excellent cathode protection, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  • Zinc rich coatings are used by many sectors to protect steel substrates from corrosion. They have a variety of usages such as infrastructure, industrial and even automotive.
  • GP has developed a series of zinc rich coatings with a varying percentage of zinc content based on the application.
  • GP’s product portfolio includes weldable zinc silicate shop primer, ideal for steel sheet protection that is also approved by Indian Register of Shipping.